Our people

At Coastline we are very much aware that people are our greatest asset and indeed our strength. By treating our staff correctly we are able to build a loyal, competent and high achieving workforce delivering on our promise of striving for excellence for our clients.

We acknowledge that in order to be a sustainable business that is ‘Here Today and more importantly Here Tomorrow’, it is paramount that we identify, nurture and develop talented people. People within the Coastline community and those outside of it are welcome to further their achievements within the business when the opportunity presents itself. We encourage promotion from within and have a proven track record of this.

We see staff development as an essential part of promoting the well-being of our people by supporting them in fulfilling their potential. Coastline supports training opportunities for all of its employees and we have a comprehensive range of training opportunities available.


Our commitment to building a sustainable business for tomorrow means that our control of the environment is built into our operating processes. We strive continuously to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and those of our clients.

We do this by a review and refine system of our operating processes, along with adopting technological innovations to reduce our clients’ and our own energy consumption, water usage, carbon emissions and waste.


As a company the cleaning chemicals that we use are Non Hazardous, both to the environment but also to the operative. They are still highly effective but outlines our commitment to cleaner greener and safer working conditions. We would also like to point out that all of our chemicals are sourced locally within the South West, and all COSHH information will be provided as standard.

Protecting the health and safety of our workforce

Managing health and safety is a primary focus for us. We strive to look after our own health and safety, and that of others, by reporting potentially uncontrolled hazards, unsafe acts, unsafe conditions or non-compliances. It is the active engagement of all of our teams that leads to improved safety in the workplace.