Janitorial & Washroom Supplies

To complement our cleaning provision, Coastline offers a full range of janitorial supplies.

Working with our providers we ensure that we provide the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

Range of products we can supply:
• Toilet paper
• Paper hand towels
• Liquid hand soaps
• Liquid sanitizers
• Black refuse sacks
• Clear refuse sacks
• Bin liners
• Washing up liquids
• Dishwasher tablets
• Tea towels

Coastline can supply and fit product dispensers in your premises, as well as ensuring prompt replacement of any broken or damaged dispensers.

Our cleaning staff will replenish your dispensers as part of their cleaning duties, and ensure regular stock supplies are ordered.

Call now for a free quote, contact us, or email us at sales@coastlinecleaning.co.uk.