Medical Cleaning Services

We are experienced in dealing with CQC requirements and can assist you to prepare for your inspections.

From the very outset of CQC we have been ready to ensure that we are compliant to the demands of CQC.

We understand that practice managers have an awful lot to think about regarding becoming CQC compliant and we can genuinely take all the cleaning and infection control requirements and manage them completely allowing you to focus on other areas within the practice.

We will write tailored cleaning schedules specific to your premises. These will demonstrate appropriate frequencies of cleaning different areas depending on risk. The staff working at your premises will be trained on using and understanding these schedules as a working document.

Coastline operates an electronic time sheet system which monitors start and finish times to ensure the correct cleaning hours are delivered to site, we have found this an invaluable tool in assisting our service delivery.

Our Area Manager will take personal responsibility for the cleaning work at your offices, and will make regular site visits in order to audit the work of our cleaners and support them in the task of achieving a clean clinical environment.

Coastline Ensures:
• CQC compliant
• Daily, weekly & monthly bespoke packages.
• Laundry service available
• Photo identification badges & uniformed staff
• Electronic Timesheets
• In house training
• Cover of staff in the event of illness or any other reason.
• Provision of all equipment and cleaning materials included in the price
• A responsible approach to health & safety
• Environmentally aware working practices
• Comprehensive insurances
• Affordable pricing
• Free site visit

We play an active role within the industry and are members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSC).

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